Friday, 18 April 2014

Flora Reviews.... The Bronze Blade: An Elemental World Novella #2.5 by Elizabeth Hunter


...So what’s this book about? 
This is a novella (approx 100 pages) about Tenzin, one of the main characters from the Elemental World quartet (A Hidden Fire #1, This Same Earth #2, The Force of Wind #3 and A Fall of Water #4). Elizabeth Hunter published this story two years after she had completed and published the Elemental World series and so I actually think this should be read after you’ve read them all too, in fact, I think this story could also work as a stand alone tale.

This book is broken down into seven chapters: Prologue: Tell Me a Story, Chapter 1: The Girl, Chapter 2: The Monster, Chapter 3: The Madness, Chapter 4: The Fire, Chapter 5: The Warrior, Epilogue: The Heir

 ...So, what did I like about it?
I am already a fan of Ms Hunter; her writing style, the characters she creates, and the way she unfolds her stories to us. This book didn’t let me down. Reading this story, I felt transported to the pre-historic steppes, the way people lived; their priorities, hopes, fears.
I feel that The Bronze Blade is a story more about Tenzin’s emotional and mental change from human to vampire rather than just her physical metamorphosis. I loved that! I liked getting into her head in such an all encompassing way. This story gripped me from start to finish and yes, a few tears did fall on a number of occasions.

...So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?
No. This particular story was about her beginnings, however, Tenzin has such a long life, I would love Ms Hunter to write more novellas about her other experiences throughout her extended history. *hint*hint*

...So, basically what I’m saying is...
I loved this book! I was already completely enthralled by Tenzin so this brief insight into her beginnings only added to my love for this amazing female character. But be warned, this story does contain many scenes of graphic violence and horrific abuse, so it’s definitely an “adults only” story!

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